MentorCity™'s private label mentoring programs provide an invaluable development tool, increase productivity, and improve employee retention. What types of companies should have a mentoring program? Every company – Businesses, Universities/Colleges, Not-For-Profits/Associations; and don't just take our word for it.

  • Most Fortune 500 companies see mentoring as an important employee development tool, with 71% of them having mentoring programs. Source: Terri A. Scandura, Management Professor and Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Miami
  • 76% of Fortune's top 25 companies offer mentoring programs. Source: Fortune Magazine
  • 71% of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring to assure learning occurs in their organizations. Source:ASTD
  • 96% of executives say mentoring is an important development tool. Source:Account Temps
  • 75% of executives point to mentoring as playing a key role in their careers. Source: ASTD
  • 77% of companies report that mentoring programs were effective in increasing employee retention. Source:ASTD
  • 44% of CEO's list mentoring programs as one of the three most effective strategies to enhance women's advancement into senior management. Source: ASTD
  • Managerial productivity increased by 88% when mentoring was involved, versus only a 24% increase with training alone. Source: ASTD
  • More than 60% of college and graduate students listed mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer after graduation. Source:MMHA

MentorCity™'s innovative mentoring programs can help you achieve impressive results. By implementing our mentoring communities you will help your employees, alumni, students, members, and/or customers to achieve greater success professionally and personally by matching them with mentors who can provide invaluable insights, advice, feedback, an enhanced network, and a safe environment to develop and practice their skills. This dynamic mentoring program will also help your company to boost its results by:

  • Attracting the best and the brightest
  • Improving performance and skills
  • Increasing employee engagement levels
  • Decreasing employee turn-over
  • Identifying talent
  • Providing and encouraging leadership development
  • Improving succession planning

In today's crowded marketplace every company can use a competitive edge and MentorCity™ can provide that edge. Contact MentorCity™ today to schedule a no fee, no obligation consultation. You'll be amazed at the benefits that a mentoring program can provide.