Stop Stopping - Mentoring Takeaways

Posted on April 21, 2014 - 11:47 am

How many people have you met who have the ability to bring the best out in everyone they meet?

One person who can do just that is Randy Taylor. Randy recently joined us for a Mentoring Conversation which was broadcast around the world. He inspired us to Stop Stopping by not listening to our inner voice when it is telling us to quit. I know that I have done this many times. I will be working towards a goal and I let my inner voice convince me that it’s not worth pursuing. It could be a silly reason, an excuse and then all of a sudden, I have stopped trying to achieve that goal.

Before the presentation, I was grabbing a cup of coffee with Randy and we were chatting about staying focused on our goals and that if we do this, then we will achieve them. He said that we don’t really know when we will achieve it, but it will happen. Right after that conversation, I was speaking with one of the attendees and she was asking me about how MentorCity is doing. She then gave me an amazing idea and mentioned a company that I could approach. I got so excited about the company that she mentioned, because a couple of months ago, I was taking a look at that company’s website and I was thinking that they would be the perfect strategic alliance for MentorCity. So, even though I haven't achieved the goal yet, I feel that I am a little closer because she may be able to introduce me to someone there and that is an amazing feeling.

One of the other takeaways for me was the idea of Inspired Thought. Let’s say you have a thought or an idea, well if you don’t take action within 12 to 24 hours, you may never will. It’s really about starting something, about going for it and about not having any regrets because you haven’t tried moving forward.

What are your Mentoring Takeaways from Randy’s presentation?

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Happy Mentoring!

Shawn Mintz, President, MentorCity


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