Webinar Recording - How to build an effective Mentorship Program to Increase Employee Engagement and Propel Business Goals (posted 15 days ago)

Studies show that an effective mentoring program can propel employee engagement and productivity, yet many organizations struggle with knowing where to start.  This webinar will help.   Watch the webinar recording by clicking here to... read blog

How to end a mentoring relationship (posted 3 months ago)

Much like any other type of relationship, from professional partnerships to high school romances, there will be times when a relationship between a mentor and mentee must come to a close. And, much like any other type of relationship, those endings have the potential to be messy or hurtful if they aren’t... read blog

Mentorship: Gaining Insight by giving Foresight (posted 5 months ago)

Article by Canadian Society for Civil Engineering's Peter Calcetas. read blog

How to remove workplace toxins and create a healthy culture at your organization (posted 5 months ago)

Charity Village article written by Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf with quotes from MentorCity's president Shawn Mintz and one of our partners TalentC's president Doug Lawrence.... read blog

Finding a mentor or mentee in MentorCity / Trouver un mentor ou un mentoré dans MentorCity (posted 5 months ago)

Finding a mentor or a mentee is easy through the MentorCity platform. We’ve created this quick step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.1) Conduct a search based on the criteria that are important to you, such as specialized skills/development areas, industries, job functions,... read blog